Individual Dental Plan: What Do You Pay For?

An individual dental plan is more expensive than a group dental plan. But what is the difference? Group plans offered are usually offered by the employers as part of their benefits to their employees. They also cost lower since they would also tend to offer discounts to their members.

Not everybody has dental insurance. The National Association of Dental Plans states that about 45% of Americans do no have any dental coverage, of any kind. Lack of such coverage could lead to loss of dental and oral health problems. Health statistics show that the number of people suffering oral and dental problems has increased. This could somehow be related to the fact that people are not getting enough access to dental care.

Generally, individual plans are enough to cover your basic and several various dental needs. A plan, would usually include a deductible which the policy or the plan holder would identify. How much they would pay for a deductible would be determined by the policy holder.

A dental plan would usually have a yearly cap on how much will they would cover. The cap is often around $1500. This would cover regular checkups and preventive care, like visits, teeth sealant and even fluoride application. These can be partially covered, but they can also be fully covered, this would depend of course on the plan. A plan could cover about 50 to 80% of dental expenses.

If you want to have root canals, extractions and other cosmetic procedures included in the plan, then it would mean that you need to pay more for the plan. The more dental coverage included, the more you would have to pay.
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