Individual Dental Insurance Plans

Should you not be covered by a dental insurance plan from your employer, you will of course need to have an individual dental insurance plan. Individual plans are sold through an insurance company directly to the individual person.

It is unfortunate, that often an individual dental insurance plan is difficult to come by. At some point though, most people realize that they need to put dental cleanings and checkups in their budget, because skipping such care can certainly lead to severe dental health problems later.

The reason why many insurance providers do not offer individual coverage is due to the way that insurance works. For example, it is a game of chance, when you insure your car. You agree to pay X amount of dollars monthly in return for insurance coverage. The insurance company will insure your car against theft, accidents and in some states, insure you whether you are at fault or not. What you really have purchased is peace of mind, secure in the knowledge that if your car is damaged in some way, the insurance company will pay to fix it, or even have to replace it.

If nothing ever happens to your car, the insurance company has made a great deal of money by insuring you. However, if something does happen to your car, they will have to pay for it, even if the accident happens in the first month of your policy. If this should happen, the insurance company is still able to make money because of all the other car owners who did not have accidents, made no claims, yet continue to pay their monthly premiums..

In comparison, those who require dental insurance will need to have regular checkups, X-rays, may need teeth drilled and filled or at least cleaned on a regular basis. Additional dental work may be required such as a root canal. Not everyone will break or lose teeth, but accidents happen to people just as much as they do to cars. In this manner, there will be claims made only because it is dental insurance.

To keep customers, insurance companies try to keep the monthly premiums down. That’s because no one would be interested, in paying premiums that amounted to much more than what they would normally pay for dentistry. This is the reason why individual dental insurance coverage is difficult and usually expensive to find.

Individual dental insurance coverage may be known by a number of different names. For instance there are referral plans which are often referred to as “buyers’ clubs.” In essence, the way that they work is that you pay a monthly fee and agree to use their dentists from a list you are given. When you need work done, you will get a discount on the cost of the work. Discounts vary, so be sure and read all the literature you receive with these plans and always ask questions about anything you are not clear on.
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